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These knives have been used in Europe since the beginning of Iron Age. The Finnish name Emännänveitsi, Matron's Knife, is said to refer to its convenient size. Other names for this useful tool are Viking Knife or Viking Lady's knife.


The fine rainbow-hued blade is made of high quality carbon steel that has been processed especially for the best quality knife blades. The wooden sheath is made of Finnish curly birch, “visa”, known for its durability and density and treated with linseed oil and beeswax. The sturdy leather strap makes it easy to carry around the neck making the knife easily accessible while working, cooking or gardening.


An Emännänveitsi is also a beautiful accessory for historical clothing.



Emännänveitsi ja puutuppi - Blacksmith's Knife in wooden sheath

60,00 €Price
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