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About the Chakras

According to the hindu belief the chakras are energy centers or spheres of the body, that work to unite the physical and the energetic worlds. They are thought to generate and spread the life energy throughout the body and soul. In Sanskrit the word chakra means a wheel or a circle. Several connections to chakras can be found in Chinese traditional medicine, Sufism, Taoist joga, Buddhism and the Tantric tradition.

Western spirituality generally uses a simplified version of seven main chakras, even though it is believed by some traditions, that there are more energy centers all over the body, for example in our palms and soles, and some traditions place chakras also outside our physical bodies.

The seven chakras in order from bottom to top are

1. the Root chakra
- located in the base of the spine
- connects to earth and the Mother, the physical body and the life force
- survival, physical needs, physical sexuality, tribal power
- the colour red

2. the Sacral chakra
- located approximately a palm's width down from the navel
- connects to water and feelings, sexuality and creativity
- emotional fertility, sensuality, instinctive intuition, creative power, relationships
- the colour orange

3. the Solar Plexus chakra
- located approximately a palm's width up from the navel, above the diaphragm
- connects to fire and the Sun, social interactions and the ego
- personal power, free will, self-confidence
- the colour yellow (also gold)

4. the Heart chakra
- located in the middle in the chest, on the heart level
- connects to air and Love, healing and empathy
- unconditional love, honesty of the heart, touch of the soul
- the colour green (also pink)

5. the Throat chakra
- located in the throat, just below the larynx
- connects to the ether and clarity, communication and expression
- speaking your own truth, expressing yourself, willpower
- the colour sky blue (also turquoise)

6. the Third eye chakra
- located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrow level
- connects to wisdom and undestanding, intelligence and sight
- intuition, understanding of the existence, seeing the truth, emotional intelligence and the power of the mind/consciousness
- indigo blue (in some traditions also violet)

7. the Crown chakra
- is located on the top of your head
- connects to the universe and Infinity, divine and higher self
- spirituality, liberation and pure consciousness
- the colour violet or bright light (in some traditions also white)

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