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Akanvakka jewellery and crafts are inspired by sagas and myths, pagan traditions and the nordic nature.

On this page you'll find some of our products, playful and serious, most of them both - all with a touch of magic.

If you don't find what you are looking for in the shop page, contact us and we'll try to make it for you!

Mökötit - Grumblings
Lohikäärme munassa - Dragon in Egg
Lohikäärme munassa - Dragon Egg
Phone Jewellery
Mother Earth’s Children
Whisper of Goddess
Nature Spirits
Bottled Fairies
karhunsyntykivi - Bear's Birth Stone
Kalmanlinnut - Birds of Tuonela
Memento Mori
Sadonkorjuualttari - Harvest Altar
Alchemy Necklace
Quartz Wand
Little Monsters
Rune Wand
Rune Wand
Peridot and Amethyst Wand
Eyeglass Jewellery
Eyeglass Jewellery
Mahtiemännän vasket - Necklace
Tietäjän arvat - Shaman's Augurs
Citrine Amulet
Lohikäärmeen munat - Dragon Eggs
Art Deco Neckhains
Stone Necklace
Lehtikorut - Leaf Earrings
Divination Tools
Lapis Lazuli in Viking Knit Chain
Akanvakka Hair Powder
Little Monsters
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