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Using the Pendulum

Pendulums can be used in:


cleansing and healing

consciousness and mindfulness practice



to bring peace and clarity to our mind and thoughts

to explore our inner worlds.

Before  using the pendulum breathe deeply and let yourself relax. The answers are coming through your own subconscious so it is important to give your consciousness the permission to communicate with the pendulum.


Akanvakka pendulums have been introduced to a method of answering, where the clockwise spinning indicates an affirmative and swinging back and forth a negative answer. Immobility or other kind of swinging or spinning can be interpreted as unclear or unavailable answer. The most important thing, however, is that you find your own way of working with the pendulum - one that works specifically with you and the pendulum you are using - so feel free to play and experiment with it. Getting to know each other improves your ability to draw accurate answers!

May your pendulum bring you balance and clarity of heart!

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