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About Runes

R u n e s

The Runic Alphabet was used for writing, divination and Magic throughout Northern Europe. Each Rune had both phonetic and symbolic value, thus representing at the same time a letter, an idea and a character as well as a certain magical or esoteric quality.

Runes were in use roughly from the first centuries of Common Era to the late Middle Ages, when the growing influence of Christianity gradually replaced Runes with the Roman alphabet even in the remote Northern areas.

Runic Alphabet is also known a Futhark after the first six runes of the Alphabet:

How to use Runes

h o w  t o  u s e  R u n e s

Get to know your Runes before you start to use them. See what they look like. Touch them and study their unique properties and energies. It is wise to form a comfortable personal relationship with your Runes. When you have become familiar with them, you will begin to develop more personal meanings and nuances in addition to their traditional messages.

You can either shuffle the Runes in their bag and pick them one by one, or lay them all face down in front of you. Relax, take a deep breath or two and allow your mind to find the calm, quiet place behind the daily bustle of your thoughts. Dwell on your question. Focus on it and let your higher consciousness answer.

There are various methods of laying a Runic reading and as you get to know them, you may well develop your own ways. Easiest way is to pick one Rune for one question.


If you want to make a more specific analysis of a situation, you can lay three Runes in the following manner:


A Three Runes Spread

1.  Rune represents the current situation

2.  Rune represents the recommended action

3.  Rune represents the final outcome of the situation

By adding two more Runes you can expand the spread to a Runic Cross:

4.  Rune (below the three) states your weakness or an influence working against you

5.  Rune (above the three) shows your strength or your greatest resource

Using the Pendulum

Using the Pendulum

Pendulums can be used in:


cleansing and healing

consciousness and mindfulness practice



to bring peace and clarity to our mind and thoughts and

to explore our inner worlds.

Before  using the pendulum breathe deeply and let yourself relax. The answers are coming through your own subconscious so it is important to give your consciousness the permission to communicate with the pendulum.


Akanvakka pendulums have been introduced to a method of answering, where the clockwise spinning indicates an affirmative and swinging back and forth a negative answer. Immobility or other kind of swinging or spinning can be interpreted as unclear or unavailable answer. The most important thing, however, is that you find your own way of working with the pendulum - one that works specifically with you and the pendulum you are using - so feel free to play and experiment with it. Getting to know each other improves your ability to draw accurate answers!

May your pendulum bring you balance and clarity of heart!

Properties of Stones

About the Energetic And Healing Properties of Stones

In most cultures and religions certain stones have been seen as magical and sacred. The significance or function of the stone has been deduced from the stone's curious shape and color, it's rare material or a special location of discovery. Especially gems and semiprecious stones (gemstones) have been appreciated because of both their beauty and their magical properties.

Read more about the specific stones from the list below.

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. X. Y. Z.


Agate, blue lace

As the name tells us, blue lace agate is pale blue and enlivened with lighter lace-like patterns.

In gem therapy blue lace agate is used in treating arthritis and mending broken bones.

Blue lace agate is connected to the fifth chakra. It is believed to ease stress and anxiety and to improve communication skills. Especially it is used reduce household tensions and quarrels. It can help with opening up the deeper, more gentle side of yourself, both to yourself and others.



Agate, dark

Dark agates are more or less translucent black or dark brown stones.

In gem therapy dark agates are used to treat problems of teeth and gums.

Dark agates are connected to the first chakra. It is seen as a protective, grounding stone that brings strength and self-confidence to its wearer. It is thought to help in reducing bitterness and increasing harmony in social relationships.



Agate, moss


Moss agate is a combination of clear translucence and dark greens. Occasionally also white.

In gem therapy moss agate is used to improve circulation and digestion.

Moss Agate is connected to the fourth chakra. Traditionally moss agate has been seen as a stone to help in finding hidden treasures. A modern way of seeing this could be that moss agate helps one to find his inner strengths. Moss agate is thought to be a gardeners stone, both because it helps the plants and increases the crop yields and because it relieves neck pains caused by work in the garden. Moss agate is thought to bring success and prosperity and to help one avoid excessive duties.





Amber glimmers in the warm colors of honey and gold and is more or less translucent.

In gem therapy amber is used to treat infertility, as an analgesic and panacea.

Amber is connected to second and third chakras. It is held to be a softly energizing stone that clears the thoughts and sharpens the mind. It is believed to be beneficial in inner child work and past lives work. Because amber easily develops a static electric charge it is thought to protect from negative influences and electric fields.





The color of amethysts ranges from pale lavender to deep purple, and it varies from semi-transparent to nearly opaque.

In gem therapy amethysts are used to help in neural matters, from headaches to addictions. In ancient Rome it was used to protect from inebriation.

Amethyst is connected to the sixth and seventh chakras. Amethyst is seen to help opening the third eye and thus promoting meditative states and connection to the supernatural levels and beings. It is considered to give peace of mind and perspective and help overcome grief and loss. Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones and has countless properties and usages attributed to it.



Aventurine, blue


Blue aventurine is a slightly translucent, light or bright blue stone.

In gem therapy blue aventurine is used to increase general health and to ease depression.

Blue aventurine is held to be a stone that increases male energies in both men and women and that helps in openeing the third eye. It is connected to the sixth chakra. Like all aventurines, blue aventurine is thought to bring prosperity and good fortune.


Aventurine, green


Green aventurine is semi-translucent and ranges from light- to mid-green.

In gem therapy green aventurine is used to maintain and increase general health. Especially it is used to treat headaches, insomnia and circulation.

Green aventurine is connected to the fourth chakra. It is believed to increase creativity and imagination and to help one to use his full mental capacity. Green aventurine is used to heal broken hearts and overcome grief. It might even help to find True Happiness. In some mythologies the eyes of Lady Fortuna are described as being aventurine-green. We do not recommend testing this at the gambling tables.



Aventurine, peach

The colour of an orange aventurine ranges in the same colors as the flesh of a peach, though it is bit more translucent.

In gem therapy peach aventurine is used to heal lungs, adrenaline glands and reproductive organs.

Peach aventurine is connected to the second chakra. It is seen as helping in shyness and anxiety. Peach aventurine promotes a healthily self-critical inner dialogue. It is believed to increase intuition, independence and decisiveness, thereby increasing ones leadership abilities.



Aventurine, purple


Purple aventurines dark and earthy shades of royal purple and chocolate get their lively look from the sucrotic semicrystalline structure typical to aventurines.

In gem therapy purple aventurine is used to treat depression and lack of motivation.

Purple aventurine is thought to help find ones connection to godhood and the path of life. It is held to be a stone that lessens useless self-critique and clarifies the real self amidst social pressures. Purple aventurine is connected to the seventh chakra.



Calcite, honey

Honey calcite ranges from light to deep yellow.

In gem therapy honey calcite is used to treat problems of the stomach and upper back.

Honey calcite is connected to the third chakra. It is held to be a strongly energising stone that helps remove obstacles from ones way towards fulfilling ones full potential. It is believed to strengthen memory and rational thinking and increasing ones organisational and analytical skills.


Chalkturquoise is a softer form of turquoise and therefore it has been stabilised and often dyed for use in jewellery. It is lighter, more durable, more economical and often more flamboyant than regular turquoise.

In esoteric properties chalkturquoise is equivalent to turquoise, see turquoise.




Citrine is yellowy translucent quartz.

In gem therapy citrine is used to cleanse the body and to treat emotional problems and insomnia.

Citrine is connected to the third chakra. It is thought to be a stone of prosperity and abundance, as it brings willpower, confidence, luck, realistic hope and clarity of mind – just the ingredients for successfully completed projects and achieved goals. It is held to balance the ego and help conquer subconscious fears.




The color of emerald is known as emerald green. Emeralds range from translucent to opaque, but the ones we use are mainly opaque.

In gem therapy is used to cleanse the body.

Emerald is connected to the fourth chakra. It is thought to promote clairvoyance, strenghten faith and improve memory and moods. It is held to be a stone of honest communication that gives intuition and understanding. It gives joy of life and turns the thoughts toward romance and love.



Fluorite is a semi-transparent, soft mineral that comes in shades of green, violet, blue and yellow as well as almost clear. It is often fluorescent in ultraviolet light.

In gem therapy fluorite is used in mending muscles and skeletal tissue and detoxifying the body.

Fluorite is connected to fourth (green), fifth (blue), sixth (violet) and seventh (clear) chakra. This means that it is a stone is used to balance the upper chakras and increase energy flows between them. In practice this is thought to help the rational mind to work with the supernatural side of the world and e.g. help integrate insights gained in meditation into everyday life. Fluorites ability to turn invisible UV rays into visible light is held to be a metaphor of this. Fluorites are seen to help in receiving and using new information.



Fluorite, yttrian

Yttrian fluorite is uniformly purple fluorite.


Yttrian fluorite is connected to the sixth chakra. It is held to be a stone of manifesting, bringing the visions of dreamers and philosophers into the real world. It is thought to ease explaining complicated concepts ant to give patience to teachers.



Garnet is a blood red or wine red translucent stone.

In gem therapy garnet is used to treat lungs and heart.

Garnet is connected to the first chakra and it is thought to promote physical strength and endurance. It is also believed to raise passions, both sexual and other. Garnet is held to be a stone that gives a sense of security while protecting from foolhardiness.



Hematite is a greyish black stone with a metallic shimmer. The dust of ground hematite is blood red.

In gem therapy hematite is used to cleanse the blood ja to quicken recovery.

Hematite is connected to the first chakra and it is held to be a very stabilizing and grounding stone. It is thought to reflect all negativity back to its source, including the negative thoughts of the wearer, so only use this stone if you have your negative thoughts and emotions firmly under your control. Hematite is called the information technicians stone, for it used to clarify thoughts, brighten the mind and to strenghten the rational side. Hematite helps keep the feet on the ground, even when the third eye is gazing far behind the event horizon.



Jasper, autumn

Autumn jasper comes mottled in a range of soft, earthly greens, light browns, orange and reddish colors.

In gem therapy autumn jasper is used to balance bodily functions and especially to treat gastro-intestinal problems.

Autumn jasper is used to balance the four lowest chakras. It is believed to calm the mind, to clear rational processes and to protect from rashness. Autumn jasper is thought to help with insomnia and protect the development of children of all ages. We do not recommend testing the traditional belief that autumn jasper protects from drowning.

Jasper, brecciated

Brecciated jasper is dark red with veins of black.

In gem therapy brecciated jasper is used to quicken healing by balancing the energies in the chakra system as well as between mind, body and spirit. It is used in treatment of allergies and to increase physical constitution.

Brecciated jasper is connected to first chakra and earth. It is thought to help see the big picture and thus promote organizational skills and the ability to relax. It boosts strength of will and gives appreciation of the fruits of toil.

Jasper, dalmatian

Dalmatian jasper has black and brown spots on a background of cream or grey.

In gem therapy Dalmatian jasper is used to speed up the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Dalmatian jasper is connected to the first chakra. It is believed to help its wearer put worries aside and enjoy even the small things in life. Dalmatian jasper is thought to help people who tend to overanalyze and over-rationalize things and ease the feeling of disappointment.

Jasper, fancy

Fancy jasper shimmers in green, violet and metallic brown shades. Its slight translucence gives it an even more attractive range of color.

In gem therapy fancy jasper is used to promote general healing, or at least to ease the suffering, mainly through its ability to lift the mood of the patient.

Fancy jasper is seen to increase self-confidence and joy of life. It is called the Champagne of Stones, and no wonder. The play of its colors brings a smile on even the darkest of days.

Jasper, Jupiter

The main colouring of Jupiter Jasper consists of different shades of brown, enhanced by radial bands of gray, cream, yellow and red, and resembling strongly its planetary namesake.

Jupiter Jasper is believed to contain the metaphysical properties typical to Jasper, lifting the mood and bringing joy and inner balance to its carrier, tinted by the energies of its planetary namesake. Jovian qualities include success, confidence and optimism. This makes Jupiter Jasper a stone well suited for many spiritual paths, new energy consciousness work and Shaumbra, by reminding us of the joys of our free will and the importance of our positive choices, through which we manifest our reality.

Jasper, leopardskin

Leopardskin jasper is a mottled stone in a range of red, brown and ochre shades crisscrossed with black stripes.

In gem therapy leopardskinjasper is used to remove toxins and to renew tissues.

Leopardskin jasper is held to be a stone that helps you on a vision quest or spiritual journey and therefor it is connected to shamen. It strengthens your ability to visualize clearly and promotes a creative, intuitive state of mind. It is especially used in working with totemanimals, spirit guides and nature entities. Leopardskin jasper is thought to help one enjoy ones duties and responsibilities and to find the joys of everyday living.

Jasper, ocean

The color of ocean jasper ranges from green and white to black, yellow blue and even pink. It is covered in multicolored patterns of dots, lines and waves.

In gem therapy ocean jasper is used to remove impurities from the body and the aura.

Ocean jasper is connected to the third, fourth and fifth chakras. It is a stone of joy that gives strength to the positive side of living. On the way towards bliss it lifts up the forgotten emotions long buried in the mud at the bottom of the oceans. It shows everything in a new light and soothes the traveler with its gentle waves, giving space and time to let go. Like an anchor or a safe haven, ocean jasper is protective, grounding and helpful in the middle of changes. Its nurturing nature encourages love and patience towards oneself and others and helps to express ones emotions. Ocean jasper is believed to contain the wisdom of ancient cultures now buried beneath the ocean waves.

Jasper, picture

Picture jasper is a light brown stone that is strongly patterned with darker browns and black. The dots, lines and surfaces of the patterns remind one of cave paintings.

In gem therapy picture jasper is used in treatment of eyes and in increasing body consciousness.

Picture jasper is believed to be the stone of choice when it comes to connecting with past times and the energies of nature, so it is used both in work connected with past lives and contacting nature spirits. It is thought to harmonize energies both inside the wearers body and between the wearer and his surroundings. It is used to improve the skill of visualization.

Jasper, red

Red jasper is brick red, with inclusions of white, black and clear.

In gem therapy red jasper is used to help in problems of liver and stomach and to protect from infections.

Red jasper is connected to the first and second chakras. It is believed to be protective and grounding. It is thought to promote courage and strength of will in conflict situations, especially if you have been mistreated.




Labradorite is a bluish grey stone with a surface that reflects light in a range of metallic colors.


In gem therapy labradorite is used to treat eye problems.


Labradorite is connected to the third, fifth and sixth chakra and it is considered to be a stone that strenghtens mystical abilities in general. It is thought to be especially useful in working with the aura. It helps to accommodate change and protects travelers.


Lapis lazuli

The blue surface of Lapis lazuli is enlivened with gold colored bursts of pyrite.

In gem therapy lapis lazuli is used to treat problems of nose, ears and mouth and in speech therapy.

Lapis lazuli is connected to the fifth and sixth chakra. Lapis lazuli is believed to bring its wearer openness, intuition, creativity and inner strength. It is thought to help see your inner processes and thus promote spiritual growth. Lapis lazuli is held to lessen ones need to strengthen self esteem with material or social status symbols. It is used to increase charisma and enhance oratory.


Lava is pockmarked matte black.

In gem therapy lava is used to open up blockages and detoxifying the body.

Lava is connected to the first chakra and the elements of fire and earth. It is believed to teach calmness in the middle of change, the durability of your core and the strengths you have hidden in the depths of your soul.



Malachite is a intense green coppercarbonate striped with black.


In gem therapy malachite is used to treat asthma and jointinflammations. It is thought to protect from electric radiation and to prevent cancers.


Malachite is used to open and cleanse all chakras. It is thought to cleanse and brighten the aura. Strongly connected to Venus, it is believed to open eyes blinded by love and to promote emotional selfpreservation.



Mookaite jasper


Mookaite jasper is a very earthy stone in its strong brown and yellow shades.


In gem therapy mookaite jasper is used to improve general health and prevent infections.


Mookaite jasper is connected to the lower chakras and it is believed to balance inner and outer worls and to help accommodate change. Mookaite is held to be a very protective stone, especially in emotional matters. Australian Aboriginals hold mookaite to be a very healing and strenghtening stone. Mookaite is used when one wants to make every moment holy and every deed a living meditation.



Mother of Pearl


Mother of pearl is the pearlescent inside of a mollusk.


In gem therapy mother of pearl is used to help indigestion.


Mother of pearl is connected to the sixth chakra. It is believed to bring material prosperity and success in business life. Mother of pearl is thought to be a stone of happiness and joy.



Obsidian, black

Obsidian is black, occasionally slightly transparent volcanic glass.


In gem therapy obsidian is used to ease pains and in treatment of infections and severe depression.


Obsidian is connected to first chakra and it is believed to be a strongly protective and grounding stone. Obsidian is held to help in creating your own safe zone, where you are protected from critique and outside influences. Then again, obsidian is held to strip away all self delusions, wishful thinking and masks and to reveal the real self to all eyes, your own and others. No wonder obsidian is considered a challenging but rewarding stone.

Obsidian, mahogany


Mahogany obsidian is dark brown volcanic glass that is flecked with black.

In gem therapy mahogany obsidian is used to ease tenseness and to improve circulation.

Mahogany obsidian is connectted to the first chakra. It is thought to enable its user to see him- or herself and their problems in a coldly realistic way, with no chance of self-deception but with no unnecessary guilt-trips either. Therefore it is a stone to help you through heavy transition- or growth periods, also with the insightful dreams and visions it can give.

Obsidian, snowflake


Snowflakeobsidian is black volcanic glass with white flecks of feldspar.

In gem therapy snowflake obsidian is used to improve digestion and to treat internal organs.

The strongest property of snowflake obsidian is thought to be the ability to lift subconscious problems and denied emotions to the light. It can bring things to the surface in a soft but firm way, easing the process of getting to know the dark or shadow side of your soul, mind and emotions. Snowflake obsidian is thought to protect from negativity and to renew stuck energies in a more positive way. It is held to be a stone of peace and purity, a bringer of stability in the middle of struggles.



Pearls have a shimmer that is unique to them.


In gem therapy pearls are use in fertility treatments and easing childbirth.


Pearls are thought to purify and center their users, bringing serenity and peace. They are believed to help connect to the feminine side of divinity. Pearls are used to smooth transitions in life. They are held to be a symbol of purity and innocence.





Prehnite is a translucent green stone, that often contains characteristic black stripe-like inclusions.


In gem terapy prehnite is used in treatment of gout and anemia and to help lose weight.


Prehnite is associated with the higher chakras. It is held to be a mystical stone that helps one see power dreams, facilitates channeling and astral projection and enhances spiritual side of your being.





Known also as fool’s gold, pyrite is yellow or grey glittery iron sulfite.


In gem therapy pyrite is used to activate circuletion and to treat the throat.


Pyrite is connected to the third chakra. It is thought to be a stone that can help you find your parapsychological or supernatural abilities. It is held to be strongly grounding and protective. Traditional sources imply its use in spells and talismans meant to bring prosperity, transformation or illusions.


Quartz, clear

Clear quartz can be clear as glass or somewhat milky. It is also known as rock crystal. When crystals are

mentioned without further clarification, it is most often clear quartz that is spoken of.

In gem therapy clear quartz is used as a panacea and to guide and control the energies of other stones.


Clear quartz is especially connected with opening the seventh and subduing the second chakra, but it is used as general tool in all chakra work, in particular cleaning and purifying. It is thought to be harmonizing and balancing, increasing positive energies and vibrations and absorbing negativity. It is believed to calm and center the mind and to open it to higher energies and beings. Clear quartz is often used to increase and control other stones and to ground negative influences.



Quartz, rose


Rose quartz is a light pink, semi-transparent to opaque stone.


In gem therapy rose quartz is used to treat heart conditions, preventing complications during pregnancy and childbirth and in losing weight.


Rose quartz is associated with the fourth chakra. It is held to be a calming, relaxing stone that helps to release pent-up emotions like anger, jealousy, fear, grief or resentment in a safe and even creative way. Rose quartz is believed to raise self-esteem and confidence and help its wearer to love both self and others unconditionally.



Quartz, rutilated


Rutilated quartz is clear or slightly yellowish tsemi-transparent quartz that is literally crisscrossed with metallic spikes, rutiles.


In gem therapy rutilated quartz is used to speed up the healing of damaged tissue and in treating impotence.


Rutilated quartz is connected to the third chakra. It is thought to increase flow of energy between the chakras and normalize chakras that are slow. Rutilated quartz is believed to increase energy levels and mind states and to protect from negative influences. In dream working and meditation it is used to give deep understanding of the meaning of the visions.



Quartz, smoky


Smoky quartz is a grey or brown transparent quartz.


In gem therapy smoky quartz is used to treat menstrual problems, kidneys, reproductive health and to ease swollen joints.


Smoky quartz is connected to the first chakra. It is thought to help keep the feet on the ground and to teach to connect to the deep wisdom of the subconscious mind and the body. It is held to be a strongly protective stone. Smoky quartz is used to deflect negative energies back to their sender and to increase responsibility for ones own actions. It is especially useful in working through unacknowledged or stuck emotions.



Quartz, snow


Snow quartz is soft white that glitters like snow.


In gem therapy snow quartz is used to reduce fevers and infections. It is also used to increase lactation and reduce dandruff.


Snow quartz is believed to be a calming, centering stone that cools down emotional states. It is held to promote soul-searching and meditation and e.g. help understand what the tarot-spread really means. Snow quartz is said to be the crystallized mothers love of Mother Earth.



Quartz, tourmalinated



Tourmalinated quartz is clear quartz that is filled with tiny spikes of black tourmaline.


In gem therapy tourmnalinated quartz is used to remove toxins from the body.


Tourmalinated quartz is used as a universal jumpstarter for all chakras, blasting away everything that blocks the free flow of energies and forcing open chakras that are not fully open for any reason. It is thought to bring changes into situations you have given up as hopeless and to release dammed up energies. It is believed to strengthen your spiritual backbone and give you hope, so you once again lift yourself from the ground and start working to improve your situation.



Rhodonite is a bright pink stone with black veins.


In gem therapy rhodonite is used in treatment of lungs and ears. It is held to improve sound sensitivity and so is thought to be good for singers.


Rhodonite is connected to the fourth and partly to the fifth chakra, in that it is believed to help in articulating your emotions and feelings in a clear way, as well as helping you understand the emotions of others. Rhodonite is thought to be a stone of elegance and charm, instilling in its wearer (male or female) feminine strength, self-confidence and the ability to grab the limelight with style. Do not wear this stone if you want to be inconspicuous.




Serpentines glow in a variety of shades of green – no wonder many varieties of serpentine are also known as ”new jade”. The surface of Russian serpentine is deep dark green crisscrossed with thin black stripes.

In gem therapy serpentione is used to detoxify blood and intestines. It is held to help headaches, stomach and kidney problems and it is held to be especially beneficial for women because of its ability to ease cramps.

Serpentine is connected to the seventh chakra: it is thought to open new paths of energies and strengthen meditative and spiritual abilities. Serpentine helps to balance and clear all chakras. It is an especially grounding stone and it creates an aura of peace and safety, which is very useful in dealing with outer and inner conflicts. Traditionally serpentine is held to protect from venomous animals, but we recommend using clinically proven antidotes when necessary.





Shells are the oldest jewellery of humankind.


In gem therapy shells are used to treat problems of spine and skeleton and in womens ailments.


Shells are held to be symbols of growth and fecundity. They are thought to help in decision making by promoting imagination and clarity and by helping find new insights and solutions. Shells are believed to be helpful during pregnancy.




The whiteflecked denim- or navy blues of sodalite remind one of the planet Earth with its oceans and clouds.


In gem therapy sodalite is used to treat digestion and glandular problems. It is thought to cleanse the organism and calm the mind. It is also usede to treat electric sensitivity and to protect from radiation.


Sodalite is connected to the fifth and sixth chakra. It is thought to clarify both the rational mind and the intuitive understanding, promote trust and improve group working skills. As a stone that prevents misunderstanding and protects from superficial disturbances, it is especially useful every time you want to promote co-operation and improve group dynamics. Sodalite has been called the stone of truth.


Tigers eye


Tigers eye reflects the light in shades of brown, gold and black.


In gem therapy tigers eye is used to treat the spine and eyes.


Tigers eye is connected to the third chakra. It is also used in grounding the first chakra. It is held to be a stone of balance and grounding and to increase courage and self-confidence by increasing realistic knowledge of ones strengths and weaknesses. Tigers eye is believed to help with impracticality and to teach one in the correct use of ones resources, both inner and outer. It is used in creating ones own space and to strip wishful thinking and self-delusions.





The color turquoise is named after the stone. The bright blue is patterned with black dots and veins.


In gem therapy turquoise is used to treat the throat and to speed up recovery from illness.


Turquoise is connected with the fifth chakra. It is held to be a stone of straight, honest communication. Turquoise is believed to improve oratory and help clarify the expression of thoughts and emotions. No other stone has been held to be a lucky stone in such a variety of cultures, though the definition of luck has varied from material or emotional prosperity to avoidance of accidents to general acceptance of ones place in life.



In unakite pistachio green and bright pink are combined.


In gem therapy unakite is used to ease and prevent problems during pregnancy. It is used to treat infertility, cardiovascular problems, anorexia and elbows. It is held to help find and cure the underlying problems that caused the illness.

Unakite is connected to the fourth chakra. Because it combines pink and green (both colors of the heart chakra) it is believed to combine the passionate and the compassionate sides of emotions in a balanced romance. Unakite is thought to help mend a broken heart and overcome grief and obstacles. It is believed to increase unconditional love towards individuals and humanity as a whole.





About the Chakras

According to the hindu belief the chakras are energy centers or spheres of the body, that work to unite the physical and the energetic worlds. They are thought to generate and spread the life energy throughout the body and soul. In Sanskrit the word chakra means a wheel or a circle. Several connections to chakras can be found in Chinese traditional medicine, Sufism, Taoist joga, Buddhism and the Tantric tradition.

Western spirituality generally uses a simplified version of seven main chakras, even though it is believed by some traditions, that there are more energy centers all over the body, for example in our palms and soles, and some traditions place chakras also outside our physical bodies.

The seven chakras in order from bottom to top are

1. the Root chakra
- located in the base of the spine
- connects to earth and the Mother, the physical body and the life force
- survival, physical needs, physical sexuality, tribal power
- the colour red

2. the Sacral chakra
- located approximately a palm's width down from the navel
- connects to water and feelings, sexuality and creativity
- emotional fertility, sensuality, instinctive intuition, creative power, relationships
- the colour orange

3. the Solar Plexus chakra
- located approximately a palm's width up from the navel, above the diaphragm
- connects to fire and the Sun, social interactions and the ego
- personal power, free will, self-confidence
- the colour yellow (also gold)

4. the Heart chakra
- located in the middle in the chest, on the heart level
- connects to air and Love, healing and empathy
- unconditional love, honesty of the heart, touch of the soul
- the colour green (also pink)

5. the Throat chakra
- located in the throat, just below the larynx
- connects to the ether and clarity, communication and expression
- speaking your own truth, expressing yourself, willpower
- the colour sky blue (also turquoise)

6. the Third eye chakra
- located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrow level
- connects to wisdom and undestanding, intelligence and sight
- intuition, understanding of the existence, seeing the truth, emotional intelligence and the power of the mind/consciousness
- indigo blue (in some traditions also violet)

7. the Crown chakra
- is located on the top of your head
- connects to the universe and Infinity, divine and higher self
- spirituality, liberation and pure consciousness
- the colour violet or bright light (in some traditions also white)

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