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Our Monster Repellant Spray is very effective against monsters under the bed, creepycrawlies and things that go bump in the night.

The spray is made of soothing etheric oils and herbal tinctures. It has a pleasant scent that helps to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation and good night's sleep. 


Each bottle has a friendly monster as a stopper. All our monsters have graduated from Sleep Shielding Academy with highest honours.

You can use the numbers on pictures to tell us what kind of monster you'd like to have, or just choose the colour and we'll choose for you. You can also request specific features, like fangs, horns, wings or specific secondary colours, and we'll try to take them intio account.

Monster Repellant Spray

SKU: 0004
38,00 €Price
  • Each bottle contains 20 ml of Monster Repellant Spray, that is made of finest etheric oils and herbal tinctures. Each friendly Monster is individually handcrafted out of stone clay with 4mm obsidian beads for eyes.


    List of Ingredients:


    Water, Glyserol, herbal tinctures (made of Alcohol, relaxing Valerian, soothing St John's wort and protective Yarrow) and Etheric oils: Sandalwood for protection, Lavender promotes sleep, Rosemary shields from evil, Bergamot soothes stress and anxiety, Lime purifies the air, Cloves give courage and Rose brings balance and sweet dreams.

    For external use only. If you are pregnant or have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid contact with skin. Can also be used on a bit of paper or cloth and hung near the bed to enjoy the scent safely. Use under adult supervision only.

  • Our products are hand crafted to your specifications. If you wish to return the product, contact our Customer Service within 14 days of the arrival to arrange return shipment. We will only refund unused products in the original packaging. We will not refund products sent to us without contacting Customer Service or sent without following the directions received.

    Akanvakka is not liable for damages caused by shipping. Please contact the shipping company immediately if your package arrives damaged or broken.

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