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Runestone is carved by hand and enhanced with red ochre.


Inscribed on this stone are a few lines from old spell-poems that were passed from generation to generation, part of the rich oral tradition of Finland, and pictures inspired by rock carvings and rune stones found in Scandinavia. The inscription reads in Finnish:


”Metsän ukko halliparta, metsän kukka kultarinta, annan kullat kuunikäset

Mielly metsä, kostu korpi, annan ainuiset hopeat.”


Translated as:

”Graybeard father of the forest. Golden breasted forest flower, All my moon-old gold I give thee
 Forest favour me in fondness, As I woo thy willing woodlands, All my silver I will give thee.”


The stone was found on the shore of the Arctic sea in Northern Norway.


Runes are an ancient alphabet, that was used for writing, divination, protection and magic. They were used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from about 100 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E and then  forgotten for nearly 300 years.

Runestone – Invocation of the "väki" or strength of the forest

320,00 €Price
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